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New Well Registration Application
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Rule 5.1 Registration of New Wells:


A)  All new wells, except leachate wells, extraction wells, injection wells, monitoring wells, and dewatering wells, must be registered by the well owner, well operator, or water well driller prior to being drilled.  Registration may be submitted by mail or electronically, using a form provided by the District.  The District staff shall review the registration and make a preliminary determination on whether the well meets the exclusions or exemptions provided in Rule 5.8, and shall inform the registrant of their determination within five business days.  If the preliminary determination is that the well is excluded or exempt, the registrant may begin drilling immediately upon receiving the approved registration.


B)  It shall be a violation of these Rules for a well owner, well operator, or water well driller to drill any well without the approved registration form filed with the District.

Well Owner
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Mailing Address
*Street Number:
*Street Name:
*Phone Number:
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*Drilling Company:
*License #:
*Proposed well size:
*Well Casing:
Proposed Drill Date:
The information above is very important. It could mean the differnce between a well that requires a permit or not. It could also mean the difference between a well that is ultimately granted or denied a permit.
Proposed Drill Site
Street Number:
*Street Name:
Degrees:    Minutes:    Seconds:    
Degrees:    Minutes:    Seconds:    
*Select intended use:   

Provide detailed description of intended use.  If commercial or industrial, describe type of business, number of employees, type of product produced or sold, etc.  If for new house or development, include construction start date.  If agricultural, include crop type and acreage.

Describe any other water supply available at this location.  For example, is there a municipal water line available for potable service or a canal or other raw water source for non-potable uses?

*Does the "well owner" own any other well in Harris or Galveston county?     If yes, explain:   

*Is this well replacing an existing well?   If yes, give well no. of well being replaced   and length of time owned or leased:

 If this well is a replacement well, what will be the status of the old well? If status of old well is "In Use", explain:   

The use of the well may be limited some time in the future if some other source of water becomes available.

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Rule 5.8 Exclusions and Exemptions:

a. Single-Family Dwelling Wells Excluded: A well with a casing diameter of less than five inches that serves only a single-family dwelling is excluded from the permit requirements of these Rules. Serving only a single-family dwelling means the well supplies groundwater for use inside one home for domestic use. Domestic use includes water used inside the home for any purpose and may also include use outside the home for landscaping irrigation, irrigating a garden or providing water to domestic livestock.

b. Exemptions: The permit requirements do not apply to: (i) windmills serving a well with a casing diameter of four inches nominal or less, (ii) monitoring wells, (iii) leachate wells (iv) extraction wells, (v) injection wells, or (vi) dewatering wells.

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